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Better Late than Never?

This post is dated for last Friday, but I’m writing it today.  My new puppy has evidently stolen my brain as well as my time.  How about a few photos of what’s been keeping me so busy? She looks mellow, doesn’t she?  Believe me, she’s not!  We’re learning to live together, and like mothers of babies everywhere, I try to work in the 2 hours she sleeps.    Hopefully I’ll find my brain in time to post on the correct day next time. See you next time! Tracy Weber _______________________________Please Share this post on... read more

What I Did On My Summer Vacation…by Leslie Langtry

Stopped by Mark Twain’s house in CT So, the Tour de Force of New England is over and it’s time to go home so Margaret can go to college and Jack can start his junior year and I can get this next book done and off to my publisher and we can get the new floors done. In two weeks we drove through 10 states, 4 mountain ranges and dipped our toes in 3 beaches in 3 different states. It was a great trip giving us memories that will last forever or at least, until we die. So, in addition to discovering some new stuff like – travelling during the Olympics means everyone agrees on what to watch in the hotel room at night…and make sure to check Roadside America online so you don’t miss anything, I’ve learned a few other things: My kids (who showered at night per schedule) will not shower with soap unless you unwrap it and put it in the shower where they will see it. Twice on this trip (which is 2 times too many) I went to take a morning shower and found the soap still wrapped. When busted, they both just shrugged. My husband  has martyrnesia. He will drive 70mph on hairpin turns in the mountains, ignoring the screams of his family and the offers to drive. Five minutes later, he will complain that no one else offers to drive. When traveling with children, do NOT look into the back seat area. There is no exception to this. We have 2 feet of unrecognizable debris coating the entire back of the van.... read more

Fall…ready or not so much

I am such a summer girl!! I love summer! The sun, the heat, the humidity, the grilling, even cutting grass and I really love my garden. But summer 2015 is over much too fast and that’s downright depressing. So to cheer myself up I came up with 14 reasons to get jazzed over fall. First there’s pumpkin pie to look forward to. We even have pumpkin spice ice cream here in Cincy and it’s terrific and you can only get it in the fall. And it’s now officially candy apple season. Yummm… Then there’s hot chocolate with marshmallows, gotta have the marshmallows. Okay, you can have hot chocolate anytime but you have to admit it tastes best when there’s a nip in the air and nothing gets you warm like a cup of hc. Halloween is just around the corner with all the decorations and kids begging for candy. Who doesn’t love sneaking a piece? And then there’s the clothes. Jackets, sweaters, scarves, new jeans and boots! Boots are fantastic and a change of season is a great reason to shop. Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all. The family gets together and it’s the perfect kickoff to the holiday season. And the food!!! Lord have mercy nothing beats Thanksgiving food. And it’s back to hot coffee instead of cold coffee, fires in the fire pit and in the hearth, and the beginning of all the new shows on TV. That is for sure a great reason to embrace fall. So what about you? Are you a summer gal/guy? Looking forward to fall? What are you looking forward to... read more
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